Play is a Love Language

Do you play with your kids?

I saw a Tiktok video the other day of a teacher who interviewed a couple of young kids to ask the question, “When do you feel loved by your parents?”

Most, if not all of them, answered, “When they play with me.”

There’s no surprise there.

What was surprising was the number of parents in the comments section who said “How do I play with my kid?” or “What kind of games should we play?” and one parent even commented, “My parents never played with me growing up so I don’t know.” 🥺

Up until that moment, it had never occurred to me that some parents actually genuinely struggled playing with their own children.

It would have been more understandable if they said they were either too tired or too busy to play, but no, they had no idea how to initiate that connection.

One parent commented, “Start with Ms. Rachel!” and they aren’t wrong, Ms. Rachel always gets my kids moving. ☺️

How about you? Did your parents ever play with you growing up? What advice would you give those parents?

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