Unlearning Control

A few days ago at breakfast, our 5 year old said she didn’t want to eat her veggies and asked if it was okay.

I said yes, but that it would be better if she did.

She then proceeded to ask if we still considered her a “good girl” even if she did not eat them.

I told her eating vegetables will make her grow big and strong quicker, but choosing not to eat them will not change how we feel about her.

That honestly broke my heart a little. 🥺

I wondered if we had been making her feel that we loved her less if she did not do the things we asked of her?

Ultimately it all boils down to control. Most of us grew up with controlling parents, who were always trying to put us in our place, that we unconsciously end up doing the same to our children. We were made to feel like we were not worthy of their love and attention unless we act according to what they believe was appropriate. It’s one of the things millennial parents are trying to unlearn.

It’s important to remember that our kids’ emotional freedom is an integral part of their development and that we need to loosen our grip so they can become their own entity.

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